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HackYou 2014 – Crypto 300 – Do you like math? Write-up

Do you like math?

We have an encrypted flag.wmv.out file and this python script:

import random
from struct import pack

def Str2matrix(s):
  #convert string to 4x4 matrix
  return [map(lambda x : ord(x), list(s[i:i+4])) for i in xrange(0, len(s), 4)]

def Matrix2str(m):
  #convert matrix to string
  return ''.join(map(lambda x : ''.join(map(lambda y : pack('!H', y), x)), m))

def Generate(password):
  #generate key matrix
  return [[random.randint(0,64) for i in xrange(4)] for j in xrange(4)]